Plans for Open Space Around Morro Bay: January 2017

Read MBOSA's position on these issues.

The Morro Bay General Plan update is going to City Council including GPAC, staff and consultant recommendations for open space areas in the city's greenbelt. This plan will guide the disposition of open space for the next 30 years.

At the same time, Chevron is trying to sell almost 3,000 acres in the Toro Creek valley, right down the ocean on the west side of Highway 1. This land includes parcels in the viewshed of Morro Bay above Panorama Drive.

The General Plan Advisory Committee draft land use issues are in the document at the right.


Morro Bay General Plan/Local Coastal Plan Update Process

The PDF linked at right is an overview of the General Plan/Local Coastal Plan update that is now in process and scheduled for completion December 2017. Morro Bay's consultant, Michael Baker International, made this presentation to the General Plan Advisory Committee in April 2016. MBOSA is monitoring this process through the GPAC and other public channels to make sure the land use plans reflect the community's preference for Open Space.


Morro Bay National Estuary Program

The MBNEP is a citizen-led initiative that grew out of a concern among all parts of the Morro Bay community for the health of the estuary. The estuary, and the watersheds that feed it, are crucial to the quality of life for residents of Morro Bay, Los Osos and beyond. Visit the MBNEP website and/or click on the image at right to download a 2014 State of the Bay report.


The Disappearing West

Click and download the PDF to the right to learn how development threatens open space and natural resources in the west. This short article is from the Center for American Progress.