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MBOSA thanks donors to the Eagle Rock (Cerrito Peak) campaign. Every person or organization listed here has helped to preserve our history.

*The names showcased below are those who donated directly to Morro Bay Open Space Alliance for the Eagle Rock campaign, not including donations at events, presentations or displays, such as the Kent Nagano-sponsored concert. The list does not include membership donations, though the two lists greatly overlap.

Monarch - $20,000 or more

<a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"></a>


Great Horned Owl - $5,000-$19,999

Brian & Nicole Dorfman

Bill Roschen & Christi VanCleve

Anonymous via the SLO Community Foundation

RCP Morro Bay-150

Red Tail Hawk - $1,000-$4,999

In Memory of Chriss Austin

Rick Austin

Dawn Beattie

Dianne Bianco & Randy Edwards

Dawn Borst

County of San Luis Obispo

Carl & Juliana Ferson

Craig & Susan Gossard

Dr. John Headding

Lee & Christine Johnson

Lendrum Family

Bill & Dee Luffee

Joe Ingraffia & Judy May

Jamie & Monica Irons in memory of Curt Bebee

John & Peggy Mandeville

Royal Martin

Marlys McPherson

Travis Mellon

John & Helen Meyers

Howard & Marlo Miller

Barbara-Jo Osborne

Doug & Denise Overman

Tony Peckham & Hilary Saner

Glenn Silloway

Ed Spera

William & Shannon Steele

Joan & James Stirling

Mary L. Watt

Raven - $100-$999


Linda Ashworth

Leslie Askew

Phil & Joan Bauman

Dave & Cindy Betonte

Monica & Ed Bischof

Ed & Pam Boies

Carol & John Broderick

Randy & Karen Bunnell

Lisa Burgstrom

Judith & Bill Carlson

Gloria Casney

Nancy Castle

Central Coast Surface - Jared Clark

Coalesce Bookstore

Keith & Rhonda Crowfoot

Amy Cutter

Red & Gail Davis

Linda DeAndrea

Norma Dengler

Nancy Dickenson

Phil Dowty

Roger Ewing

Travis & Jen Ford

Founders Community Bank

The Galley Seafood Grill and Bar

Roma Goddard

Jan Goldman

Ryan Gruss

Walter & Jane Heath

Carolyn Hodge & Marshall King

Bob Isenberg & Heather O'Connor

Allison Kidder

Craig Kelso

Christine Knowles

Margaret Korisheli

Iris Kye

Jeff & Seona Lampman

Jeff & Kacey Lessley

Marty & Roni Lomeli

Roger & Diane Ludin

Teresa & Dana McClish

Christina Metzger

Kevin & Kim Meyer

Richard Meyer

William Morley & Caroline Trahan

Ruth & Joan Nagano

William Newman

Karen O'Grady for Maj. John O'Grattan

Joseph Pannone, esq., Aleshire & Winder, LLP

Patriot Valuation

Peck Planning and Development

Harvey & Joan Peterson

Natalie Ramos

Jim and Pat Reed

Myrtle Reid

Judith Resnick

Doug & Shelly Rogers

Jean Ryan

St. Peters Episcopal Church

Warren & Janet Sward Sargent

Larry & Victoria Schmidt

Susan Schneider & Joel Siegel

Society for the Advancement of the Science of Digital Games

Donna & Chuck Stoll

Eileen Sweeney

Three Stacks and a Rock Microbrewery

John Thompson

Vivian Thompson

John Tubbesing

Donna & Martin Weekly

Reg Whibley & Judy Straw

Norma & Peter Wightman

Rosalie Valvo

Jacob & Kalila Volkov



California Thrasher - Up To $99

Greg Agalsoff

Jean Allen

John & Elizabeth Austin

Annie Barrett

Beach Bungalow Inn

Andrea Bersie

Joe Birney

Andrea Bersie

Roger & Sandra Case

Chuck Cesina

Joanne Coghlan

Patricia & Orris Cowgill

Kathleen Crawford

Colby & Shoosh Crotzer

Patricia Dale

Shirley Docken

Lynnette Draheim

Joan Drake

Virginia Drew

Judy Gabler

Bob & Maggie Higgins

Susan Heinemann

Carol Greenelsh

Maurice & Audrey Gendron

John Geever

Jill Finch

Dr Barry Elbschutz

Daniel & Patricia Johnson

Gail Johnson

Jean Johnson

Laurie Lackland

Kathleen Lenski

Lynn Lendrum

Kathleen Lenski

Kelly Lewis

Joey Lopez

Laura Lopez & Noah Smukleer

Jim & Suzanna Love

Jim Ludwick

James Lutz

Tom & Patricia Mangione

Don Maruska & Company

Sandra Mason

Rosanne McIlvane

Kit & Chris Mitsuoka

Rick Moore

Terry & Laura Morgan

Leonard Oesterling

Bruce Ogilvie

Elizabeth Ohara

Michael Quinn & Luis Ivan Marquez

Jay & Clytee Ramsay

Denise Rea

Patricia Rozee

Ann-Marie Schnetzleer

Annie Secrest

Stephen Shubin & Joan Griffith

Barry Smith

Ed & Sue Sparling

Jeff & Mary Sproul

Julia Vogel

Candy Walken

Bill Weatherford

Yvonne White

Arlene Zimmerly