MBOSA Mission

Mission Statement

The Morro Bay Open Space Alliance is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of current and future residents and visitors through the conservation of open space in and around Morro Bay.

The Morro Bay Open Space Alliance envisions a community actively engaged to identify needs and support open space conservation for appropriate human uses, habitat preservation, view-shed protection and education.

  1. Conserve open spaces, agricultural land and marine resources for historical, educational, ecological, recreational and scenic purposes.
  2. Engage and educate the community and visitors to understand the purpose and importance of open space and view-shed conservation.
  3. Provide access for residents and visitors to open-space environments for appropriate recreation.
  4. Protect wildlife habitat and ensure adequate wildlife corridors exist.
  5. Preserve open space between communities.
  6. Develop and promote land uses that are fully sustainable economically and environmentally, including conservation of water supplies.