Morro Bay is surrounded by beautiful spaces. Some are state or county parks and some are already part of land conservation actions. MBOSA works with government agencies, land conservancies and other interested groups to help preserve these spaces so future residents and visitors experience the pleasures of nature and open space like we do.

However, some land in and around Morro Bay is subject to development under current land use designations without explicit consideration for open space or low-impact uses. We recognize the owners' property rights in these spaces, but also believe there is a public interest inherent in open space that should be considered. On this page we list a few of the places that are currently subject to development to help the interested public understand what's at stake.


Toro Coast Preserve

Toro Creek flows to the Pacific through a valley that lies between Morro Bay and Cayucos. Over 3,300 acres of the land along the creek and up into the hills was owned by Chevron until 2016, when the company began to sell parcels. This huge area is legacy of the years when oil was pumped from central valley fields to tankers in Estero Bay.

With the help of the Trust for Public Land and local conservation organizations, a part of this land is slated for preservation in early 2020. This first phase of a bigger project will conserve key parts of the Chevron land that lies next to Highway 1 and north of Toro Creek Road.

Going forward, conservation of huge acreage above and east of North Morro Bay is the goal. This big parcel includes Alva Paul Creek that flows into Morro Bay at Del Mar Parks.  Finally, we will conserve the "Shore Plant" on the south side of Toro Creek Road, which will provide easy access to the open space on the hilltops.


The Righetti Parcel

Just east of Morro Bay on the north side of Highway 41 is a 251 acre piece of land that was on the market in 2016 and 2017. This parcel lies below the coastal hilltop to the west that forms the boundary of Morro Bay. A few houses along Nutmeg have views of the Righetti parcel, which now holds a barn, house and other small buildings that once served the ranch. This property has been purchased by a private party, but it remains on MBOSA's development watch list.


Eagle Rock AKA Cerrito Peak

Eagle Rock (aka Cerrito Peak)

MBOSA raised the funds needed to place this prized property into preservation as undeveloped open space in March 2020. Read more on the Eagle Rock Preservation Project page.

On the south end of Morro Bay but well within city limits and close to the estuary, Eagle Rock is a rocky hill covered with eucalyptus and other vegetation, highly visible from both north and south. The view to the left is looking over the rooftop of a house on Main Street. Residences climb the Rock on all sides, though the very top is in a natural state.

Views at the Foot of Toro Creek Road

The Toro Creek valley is plush green after the early season rains, which seems to emphasize the beautiful contours of the hills.