Castle Wind Challenge Grant

Castle Wind agreed to contribute up to $20,000 IF MBOSA can match it. We have to earn the donation, and we have to do it by June 30, 2019. If we can raise the money, it will get us $40,000 closer to placing a conservancy on Eagle Rock.

Please help us take advantage of this financial leverage. It is a big opportunity for us to make significant progress in our campaign to save the peak.

About Castle Wind LLC and Its Amazing Renewable Energy Project

Castle Wind is a tame name for an incredible renewable energy adventure. It is a joint venture between the American company Trident Wind and EnBW North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of the giant German utility EnBw. The purpose of this company is nothing less than to put the largest floating wind energy project in the world just offshore of Morro Bay.

It’s really hard to overstate the magnitude of this project. It is projected to generate up to 2 gigawatts of electrical energy, on a par with a nuclear power plant, without burning a single drop of fossil fuel. The generators will be towed into place and anchored to the seabed in water 24 miles offshore at a depth of 3,000 feet.

Morro Bay stands to benefit hugely from this project. The most efficient place to bring all that energy ashore is through the current outfall at the power plant. After landing the energy can be fed into the electricity transmission grid at PG&E’s substation next to the power plant. This existing infrastructure not only makes economic sense, it is the environmentally least damaging way to access the generated power because it uses existing structures.

Sustainability and Preservation

Castle Wind and MBOSA share the values of sustainability and preservation. That is why we are so excited to be supported by this innovative energy company. We certainly share and support their environmental goals.